Renovation Projects

Renovation & Development Projects

The team at Spire Capital has delivered new development projects as well as the redevelopment and refurbishment of existing properties. We are currently working on a number of projects in the private residential rental sector. Our services cover every phase of a development project from Residential Surveys, Architecture, Design , Project Management and Renovation to delivery of a completed turnkey building.

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Residential Surveys

This type of service includes a visual inspection and a report on condition of the building, its services, and the grounds. It highlights relevant legal issues and any obvious risks to the building, people or to the grounds.

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Our Design Team will ensure that the latest technology, materials and detailing are combined and utilized to produce a building which responds to all of the client’s needs within budget.

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Our Team is committed to develop a design that fully understands and responds to the client’s requirements. In the final rationalization the building is totally evolved from the initial stage of conceptual design, to the complete functioning building.

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Project Management

Spire Capital and its partners our committed to ensuring a project runs efficiently, our hands-on approach can provide you with the most professional management service you need to ensure your project comes in on budget.

Spire Capital can help to find your next Renovation Project.

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Pre-63 investments – Higher rate of return and better standard of living in the city

The term Pre ’63 is used to describe a property that was divided into multiple flats or studios prior to the introduction of the Local Government Planning and Development Act of 1963. Typically, these large, red-brick, two- and three-storey, over-basement properties are found on the North and South Circular Ring Roads around the city centre. Traditionally these properties offer the highest rate of return for landlords. Offering a good-quality product also attracts the right type of tenant. On average, refurbishment costs for an eight-to-10-unit building can run to anything from €250,000 to €500,000 depending on the original condition of the building and the standard of finish.


There is always huge investor demand for these properties, due the numbers of tenants looking for this type of accommodation.


The process of acquiring, renovating and renting a property like this can take between 12-18 months from start to finish. However, once completed, investors could generate in excess of 10% rental yield pa.


Partners for Renovation and Re-development projects

We strive to achieve the highest levels of partnership and accreditation with our partners so our staff can deliver the highest levels of information, service and expertise to all over are clients .The knowledge and experience our partners Keenan Lynch Architects and Heatwave Extensions have in their fields guarantee that our solution will meet our client’s exact requirements.


Keenan lynch Architects

Keenan Lynch Architects is a progressive architectural design practice with their office based in Dublin. They have experience in all building sectors, from expansive commercial, industrial & leisure developments to more intimate residential projects. Keenan Lynch Architects pride themselves in providing an efficient service to our clients with an emphasis on innovative design and attention to detail, all merging together to deliver a quality finished product within budget.


Heatwave Extensions

Heatwave Extensions is a Dublin based company that specializes in building extensions, Construction and renovations. Our mission to raise the bar in construction for quality and cost effectiveness from the onset of the project to its successful completion, we promise to give you our innovative design, construction speed, and customer support